Prospects of Dendrochronological Studies of Paleoclimate in the Area of the Lena River Delta

Ovchinnikov D.V., Nikolaev A.N., Kirdyanov A.V., Büntgen U., Hellmann L., Tegel W., Kolmogorov A.I., Mashukov D.A.


One of the ways of reconstruction of a palaeoclimate are dendrochronological measurements. Today, there are only a few regions where construction of  millennium-long sensitive to climate tree ring chronologies is  possible. Gaps in global distribution of long regional chronologies make  scientists search for possibilities to build new time-series and  increase of quality of past climate reconstructions based on tree-rings.  Here we present the prospects for dendroclimatic research in the Lena River Delta.  Based on the materials of expeditions accomplished in 2013-2014 we discuss the possibilities to construct a new millennia-long chronology for the  northern regions of Yakutia, that could become the key chronology for paleoclimatic  reconstructions in both regional and global scale. The prospects to use the driftwood as a paleoclimatic archive for the whole circumpolar area  of the Northern Hemisphere are discussed. Some new scientific directions and tasks for the unique  region, the Lena River Delta are proposed to consider.


Key words: Arctic driftwood, dendroclimatology, Eastern Siberia, high-resolution palaeoclimatology, proxy archives, subfossil wood.

Science and Education, 2014, No.4, pp.51-55