Peculiarities of Agrafena Island Vegetation Cover (the Lower Lena)

Efimova A.P., Nikiforova E.N., Solomonov N.G.

In the article the necessity to assign a special protected territory status to Agrafena (Ebe-Aryta) Island (Zhigansky ulus, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) is substantiated. The location of the island on a joint of geographical, vegetation subzones and its complex partitioned landscapes determine originality of its flora and vegetation. There is a wide row of vegetable communities from inundated floodplain willows communities to the climax larch woods in the territory of the island. A unique fir-larch overmatured forest with high rates of efficiency  uncharacteristic for subpolar Yakutia grows here. On the low floodplain of the island extreme northern communities of a rare species of a willow – Salix triandra L. occur. One of the special features of the vegetation dynamics of the island is participation of Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel) at average stages of alluvial successions that is antypical for flat floodplains of big rivers of northern part of Yakutia. Besides, on the island we for the first time for Yakutia found the massive of the birch forest from special dark-bark form of Betula alba L. = B. pubescens Ehrh. Special comparative morphological and molecular and genetic studies are necessary for clarification of taxonomical situation and the origin of this form.

Key words: LenaRiver, Agrafena Island, Salix triandra, Betula alba, Pinus pumila.

Science and Education, 2015, No.1, pp.83-86