Eastern-Siberian Coloured Gemstone Province: Division into Districts and Mineragenia

Gadiyatov V.G.,SibirskichO.V.

The article reviews the non-uniform distribution of coloured gemstones in the territory of the Russian Federation and a particular position of the East-Siberian Coloured Gemstone Province. At mineragenic division into districts a province is accepted as the most big part which generally corresponds to platforms and folded orogenic districts of complex structure. A mineragenic zoning of the East-Siberian Coloured Gemstone Province is carried out in which the following parts are allocated: the Taymyr Coloured Gemstone District; Olenyok-Anabar, Mid-Siberian and Aldano-Stanovaya subprovinces, including North-Taymyr, Maimecha-Kotuiskaya, Anabaro-Olenyok, Daldyno-Alakitskaya, Tungussko-Viluyskaya, Katanga-Angarskaya, Kanskaya, Chara-Olekminskaya, Central Aldan, Aldan, Timptono-Zeyskaya, Tynda and Uchur-Maymakan mineragenic zones and ore locations. Their description is presented.

Key words: mineragenia, division into districts, province, subprovince, mineragenic zone, ore locations, coloured gemstones, formation, platform.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.16-22