Specific Intensity Value of Diamonds Roentgenoluminescence as Indicator of the Environment of Their Crystallization

Shkodzinskiy V.S.


According to the modern data about hot accretion of the Earth it is established that the value of specific intensity of diamond roentgenoluminescence was determined by the composition of residual melt of magma ocean, in which kimberlite magma was formed and diamonds were crystallized. This value decrease in the sequence octahedron – rhombic dodecahedron – cube; flatface – round diamonds; crystals with flatface and with sculptures. This reflects the change of the morphology of crystallized diamonds under the influence of strong reduction of carbon diffusion speed and increase of the  extent of supersaturation of the residual melt during fractionation of the ocean.


Key words: magma ocean, diamond genesis, roentgenoluminescence intensity.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.22-27