Mineral Parageneses of the Anorthositic Xenoliths and Ore Potential of the Upper Cretaceous Volcano Shadow-01 (Lena-Vilyuy Region, East of the Siberian Platform)

Kostin A.V.


The shadow relief of Yakutia studying allowed to discover in Lena-Vilyuy region previously unknown magmatic structure, which turned out to be a volcanic apparatus, consisting of a cone of dacitic lavas and  a laccolith andesitic  body. In the dacitic lavas we found anorthosite xenoliths with native metals - copper (prevails), aluminum, silver, iron and tin and related with barium metasomatism superimposed copper-silver mineralization of chalcopyrite, galena, argentite, imiterite, miargyrite and native silver. Two types of carbon were established in the anorthosites: opaque – graphite and transparent, presumably, the diamond. Detected in the lavas mineral paragenesis of clinoenstatite–fayalite–baddeleyite–pyrope-almandine–ilmenite–titanomagnetite–spinelli indicates its formation under conditions of high pressure and temperature. However, the volcanic apparatus can be considered as a means of delivering a variety of materials from greater depths. The volcanic complex is specialized in silver-copper mineralization, which ore manifestations can be localized in near volcanic depressions and comply with volcanogenic-sedimentary type of mineralization.


Key words: Lena-Vilyuy region, volcano, dacites, andesites, anorthosites, copper, silver, graphite, diamond.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.35-41