Age of Torgo Formation of the Neoproterozoic of the South of Berezovaya Depression (South of the Siberian Platform)

Kolosov P.N.


A full section of the Torgo formation on wells with continuous coring is described for the first time. This formation records representative association of well preserved microfossils of several groups (Spinous, Сhlorococcales, Talakan). Stratigraphically it is replaced by very rich association of Vendian (Ediacaran) microfossil. The Torgo formation is of the Late Riphean age, because it contains microfossils Trachyhistrichosphaeracurta, Soktokutasporifera, Macroptychauniplicata, ellipsoidal cells with typical polar lumps (Torgiaellipsoida), known from the Upper Riphean of the Southern Urals, Yenisey Range and Uchur-May area. Besides the Torgo formation, Torgosphaera species occur in the Bezymen and Miroedikha formations of the Upper RipheanTurukhan area.


Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.41-45