Features of Deep Structure of the Zone of Junction of the Siberian platform and Baikal-Patom Folding in Connection with the Oil-and-Gas Bearing (Patomsky Sector)

Berzin A.G., Ivanov I.S., Marsanova M.R.


The geological and geophysical arguments indirectly confirming new ideas of a deep structure of the joint zone of the Siberian platform and the Baikal-Patomsky folded area in the Patomsky sector of the folded belt of the same name are received and considered.The avlakogene nature of the bottom of the Nepsko-Peleduysky arch is postulated on the basis of earlier conducted studies. It is reasoned that the Nepsko-Botuobinskyanteclise in Akitkano-Nepsky and Patomsky (the Nepsko-Peleduyskyarch and partially Mirninsky ledge) sectors of the folded belt is jointed with the Baykal-Patomsky folded area by means of a deep mantle break - a regional seam which position is inherited by the position of the Lena River bed.On this basis the Nyuysko-Dzherbinsky hollow in these sectors isn't allocated, and the Predpatomsky deflection is reduced and presented by many kilometers terrigenous deposits in its internal part located in a near front zone of the folded belt and it is possible its expansion in the Patomsky sector of southeast border of the Nepsko-Botuobinskyanteclise to the east up to the left bank of the Lena River. Formal signs of existence of structural elements of a superbasin in the studied territory are established. Formation conditions and the prospects of  discovering of a large oil-and-gas bearing basin in the subbase deposits in which a total generative potential  of the Riphean deposits of the paleorift system and Predpatomsky regional system is realized are estimated.


Key words: Baikal-Patomsky folding, Predpatomsky bending, Nuysko-Dgzerbinsky hollow, Nepa-Peleduy archbend, deep fault, relict plate, crystal base, subfundamental deposits, oil- and gas-bearing.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.51-57