Alluvial Hydraulic Engineering Constructions in the Permafrost Area of Russia: Experience of Construction, Problems and Possibilities of Use of Borehole Hydroproduction

Zhang R.V., Kuzmin G.P.


A brief review of construction of hydraulic-fill structures in Russia, including permafrost areas is presented. World experience shows that despite the difficulties of construction of hydraulic structures in permafrost conditions, caused by presence of frozen layers, harsh climatic conditions, wet technological process, in some cases, inwash is the only cost-effective way. Russia has a considerable experience ofconstruction of hydraulic-fill structures in the cryolithozone  including the use of hydromechanizationmethod for inwash of construction sites during thedevelopment of gas-condensate and oil fields in Western Siberia, as well as offilling of territories to be used for construction of buildings in Yakutia. An innovative method of construction of hydraulic structures in permafrost conditions based on the use of borehole hydroproduction is proposed.


Key words: permafrost, permafrost soils, hydraulic fill, hydraulic structure.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.63-69