Mapping of the Density Distribution in the Transverse and Axial Sections of a Tree Trunk

Lavrov M.F.


The problem of improvement of operational properties of wood frame  structures, structural wood-base composites and glued wood building parts, is especially actual for construction in northern areas. Experience of building in Yakutia shows sufficient reliability and durability of structures from larch wood in spite of the fact that processing of the wood is technologically quite difficult. For example, larch planks at technological process of drying are jarred on, cracks appear, and also wood rigidity increases. The listed shortcomings are caused by features of a structure of the wood material, and the degree of intensity of their manifestation is proportional to the wood density. The results of a study of quality indicators of wood received in laboratory and field conditions are discussed. A new method of graphic display of distribution of density in cross and longitudinal sections of a tree trunk based on  measurements by microdrilling are developed. Themethod allows to estimate density indicators in round assortments of wood and then use them as a theoretical basis for creation of special software for devices working on the principle of focused drilling. The developed technique of assessment of quality indicators of forest resources will contribute thediversity of use of wood materials, reduction of production cost, and improvement of quality in wood construction.


Key words: wood density, quality of wood, larch, microdrilling, map of density distribution.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.79-84