Control of Structure Formation Processes in Polymer Composite Materials Based onUHMWPE

Okhlopkova A.A., Okhlopkova T.A., Borisova R.V.


The processes of structure formation of polymer composites based on UHMWPE and ceramic nanoparticles are investigated. The regularities of control of the processes of structure formation in the UHMWPE based on the technological aspects of improving of structural activity of nanoparticles, chemical nature and concentration of fillers are established. It is shown that mechanical activation of the nanopowderseliminates their agglomeration and ensures uniform distribution in the UHMWPE. Being crystallization centers of a polymer the activated nanoparticles form structures with close-packages of the structural elements in a volume thatdecrease microstrains in the polymer crystalline phases. Materials with such structural organization have elevated strain-strength and tribological properties in comparison with a base polymer. It is shown that by combination of different nanomodifiers and their concentrations in the polymer matrix it is possible to create heterogeneous systems with controlled structural self-organization defining mechanical properties of polymer compositions.


Key words: UHMWPE, nanoparticle, polymer nanocomposite, supramolecular structure, mechanical characteristics.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.85-90