State and Prospects of Floristic Studies in Yakutia

Nikolin E.G.


The paper explains the concept of "flora" in modern botanical science. The entity of floristic studies from other botanical sciences, including geobotany, is justified. The outstanding specialists, such as A.I. Tolmachev, B.A. Yurtsev, R.V. Kamelin and others played a fundamental role in the development of the floristic research in Russia. A.I. Tolmachev laid the foundation of the Russian school of comparative floristics. Nowadays, this school has reached a high level of perfection in the development of techniques and the accumulation of basic data. Necessity to expand this direction in the territory of Yakutia is substantiated. An overview of the literature on the flora of Yakutia for the prior period is provided. The first check-list of Yakutian flora was composed by V.L. Komarov in 1926. Further floristic investigations in Yakutia were advanced by the large summarizing works of M.N. Karavaev, B.A. Yurtsev, A.I. Tolmachev and B. N.Andreev with their co-authors – V.P. Ivanova, P.A. Gogoleva, A.A. Egorova, V.I. Zakharova, L.V. Kuznetsova.  The role of the Herbarium SASY and its founders V.A. Sheludyakova and M.N. Karavaev in the study of the flora of Yakutia is highlighted. Targets of floristic investigations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for the nearest future are determined. These tasks are focused on a taxonomic revision of plant species, increasing research density of  studied area, application and extension of comparative floristics methods, training students of higher education institutions, as well as on the republication of the Manual for Identification of the Vascular Plants and publication of scientific-popular and scientific-methodological literature.


Key words: flora, vascular plants, biological species, taxon, Yakutia.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.113-119