New Findings of Rare Species of the Flora of the Lower Reaches of the Indigirka River (Northern Yakutia)

Koroleva T.M., Gogoleva P.A., Petrovsky V.V., Troeva E.I., Cherosov M.M.

 Some results of floristic investigations carried out in July-August 2013 in the Indigirka River low reaches in surroundings of the settlements Chokurdakh and RusskoeUstje and also on the right bank of the Indigirka at Burulgin Cape are presented. New locations of rare species (including 7* species listed in the Red Data Books of the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia) were found. The findings of isolated populations of Beckmanniasyzigachne, Pleuropogonsabinii, Hordeumbrevisubulatum, *Carexsupina subsp. spaniocarpa, *Lysieilaoligantha, *Minuartiaobtusiloba, Saginanodosa, Arabidopsis bursifolia, Arabisumbrosa, *Parnassiakotzebuei, *Vicia-macrantha, *Androsaceochotensis, *Pedicularispennellii, Gentianabarbata, Castillejarubra, Crepischrysanthaand others provided new information about the distribution and ecology features of these rare species in Arctic Yakutia. On the right bank of the Indigirka Rivernear Burulgin Cape a compact territory wherethe majority of the listed above rare species of plants grow was found and it was recommended to organize a specially protected area there.

Key words: flora, Arctic Yakutia, endangered species, rare species, protected areas.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.119-124