Breeding of Sorts of Potato Suitable for Cultivation in the Extreme Conditions of Yakutia

OkhlopkovaP.P., VasilievaR.D., EfremovaS.P., YakovlevaN.S.


The results of a study on selection of the parental forms of potatoes suitable from economic point of view and with good resistance to the most widespread diseases in arid conditions of Yakutia are presented. As pollinators 15 varieties of early and middle early groups of ripeness with high economic efficiency were used. Twenty three combinations of crossing with 17 maternal forms were carried out. Such varieties as Romans, Neptun, Yakutianka, Tabor and Adretta were the most effective pollinators by the results of hybridization. These varieties have valuable economic qualities and resistance to diseases. In selection the potatoes hybrids received from the research institutes VIR, VNIIKH, Kemerovsky NIISH were used. As a result of the selection works such new promising hybrids as 117-1 (720.131 x Spring) and 152 – 3 (93,13,238 x Karlena), with potential productivity in Yakutia of 47.3 t/hectare, steady by the results of two years' study against a cancer, and the hybrid 117-1 also against to a nematode were received.


Key words: potato, variety, hybrids, crossing, collection, samples, combinations.

Science and Education, 2015, No.2, pp.137-140