Climate Resistance of Basalt Composite Reinforcement

Kychkin A.K., Popov V.V., Kychkin A.A.


The results of testing of climatic resistance of basalt composite reinforcement by examining strength characteristics at columnar and static extension are presented. The object of study is a polymer composite material for building purpose which is a basalt-composite armature as unidirectional basalt-plastic rods with periodic profile and diameter from 6 to 10 mm. The rods were made by Limited liability company «TBM» on technical line «Struna» under the technical specifications 2296-001-86166796-2013 «Reinforcement of non-metallic composite basalt». The study have shown a slight increase in strength of basalt-composite reinforcement after 20 months open-air exposure in Yakutsk.

Key words: basalt-composite armature, fiber - matrix, strength, adhesion, bending, stretching.

Science and Education, 2017, No.1, pp.71-74