Study of Resistance to Hydroabrasive Wear of GRP Pipes with a Polyurethane Coating

Antoev K.P., Popov S.N.


The results of a study of resistance to hydroabrasive effect of GRP pipes with a polyurethane coating that are used in a hydraulic transport of rocks (slurry pipelines) are presented. Hydro-abrasive wear was carried out on a device designed by the authors. The device allows to explore the durability of materials and coatings in the modeling of flow of hydro-abrasive environment. Industrial GRP pipes coated with polyurethane and uncoated were tested. A pipe with a coating consists of several layers. The inner layer is made of pure polyurethane, it is followed by a layer of polyurethane reinforced with roving and fiberglass is an outer layer. Another pipe consists of uncoated glass fiber. The inner and outer diameters of the pipes are the same. A comparative analysis of the intensity and character of the wear of GRP pipes with coating and without is carried out. It is established that the resistance to hydroabrasive wear of GRP pipes without coating is much higher than that of pipes with polyurethane coating. A pipe with a polyurethane coating resists to hydroabrasive wear until a layer of pure polyurethane is erased. And a layer of polyurethane reinforced with roving has a low resistance to a hydroabrasive wear.

Key words: hydroabrasive wear, hydro-transport system, glass reinforced plastic, polyurethane, wear resistant coating, linear wear.

Science and Education, 2017, No.1, pp.87-90