To the Problem of the Russian Literary Classics Traditions in the Yakut Prose

Andreeva G.T., Diachkovskaya E.N.

Problems of the Russian literary classics traditions in the Yakut art prose are touched. The symbolical im-ages of the ugly, deformed nature are considered on the example of the comparative analysis of the texts of I.S.Turgenev’s «Notes of the hunter»  and N. D. Neustroyev’s  stories «Fisherman Platon», «Leprous», «Wild Life», «Semenchik». On the basis of the study the influence of Turgenev on Neustroyev's poetics is revealed.  The article is devoted to the actual nowadays problem of literary criticism today - to studying of interliterary relations. This problem is little studied and requires further researches.

Key words: symbol, character, motive, tradition, landscape, harmony, synonym.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 28-33.