Social Creative Activity of Russia Youth on Realization of Rights and Liberties of the Person In Conditions of «Society of Risk»

Borisov A.N.

Though in the Russian Federation of the last years it is officially declaimed the need of social and political activity of the youth, particularly in the process of upholding own rights and liberties, conformally adapted to the “society of the risk” young Russians canalize the energy of social creative activity to the sphere of leisure and consumptions. The studies confirm that 97% of students do not possess real political and social experi-ence, from here we have the  narrowness of  social interests, the passive attitude to social creative activity and development of student's self-government, ignoring of elections of legislative, executive, federal, regional and local government. Considering that the destiny of the country will be defined in the near future by presence of talented people in all types of creativity, for Russian society it is necessary  to stimulate social creative activity of youth, especially – in the field of realization of own political and economic rights and freedoms.

Key words: society of «general risk», social transformation, social creative activity, political rights, students, innovation function.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 37-41.