Concept of the Right Understanding on Modern stage of Development of Russian Legal Science

Shkurko А.V.

Within the framework of the article it is supposed to reveal the problems of such legal concept, as the right understanding, to analyse  its structure and conceptions. The need of revision of the features of the term «the right understanding», its content and levels is explained by the role which it plays not only on theoretical and methodological levels, but also on practical level in the sphere of legal influence.  Having analysed the char-acteristics and types of the right understanding in works of leading Russian experts, the author confirms that exactly positivistic (normative) type of the right understanding brings about the structure and content of the legal influence, settled in Russian legal science and practice.

Key words: relatively-legal analysis, legal theory, philosophical base, legal world outlook, phenomenon of the right, understanding the right, legal influence.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 61-64.