Need of Improvement of Quality Management System on Chemical Faculties of Medical Colleges

Nemereshina O.N., Nikonorov A.A.

 The article considers the quality assurance aspects of chemical departments in medical colleges. Chemical disciplines are the foundation not only of theoretical training of medical students, but also necessary for fur-ther specialization in the field of chemical examinations of toxic substances, environment pollutants, assess-ment the quality of medicines and medicinal plants, as well as clinical laboratory biochemical diagnosis. The authors argue that the context training oriented that knowledge and skills are not the subject, but the means of solving professional problems of health care worker makes a necessary component of innovation in the process of chemical education of medical students. The authors identified the main components of a quality management system and described the factors affecting the quality of the teaching methods and research of chemical departments of medical colleges. A classification of the factors that determine the quality of educa-tional, methodical and research work of chemical departments of medical colleges is proposed. The proce-dures for ensuring the quality of the chemical departments are analyzed.

Key words: higher medical education, chemical disciplines, teaching, quality, quality management system.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 75-78.