Ecological and Geochemical Monitoring of the Environment of Yakutsk City

Makarov V.N.

The results of ecological and geochemical monitoring of the environment of Yakutsk city, which is con-ducted by Permafrost Research Institute  named after P.I. Melnikov of Siberian branch of RAS since 1982, are considered. In the framework of the monitoring complex geochemical assessment of the pollution of the territory of the city on migration and deposit components of the environment (air, snow, soils, surface and ground waters) is carried out. The results show that despite a relatively small size of the urban area and a low concentration of industry Yakutsk is characterized by a high density of technogenic pressure on the ecosystems.

Key words:  environment, geochemistry, atmosphere, soils, natural waters, monitoring.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 95-100.