Spatial Regularities of Localization of Hg-silver Outcrops of Barainskiy Segment of Verkhoyansk Ridge on the Basis of GIS-technologies

Kostin  A.V.

 The schlich halos of cinnabar and galena in the Barainskiy segment of the Verkhoyansk ridge emphasize a spatial border of sulphide paragenesis distribution and characterize the sulfur activities area  in ore-forming processes. All known schlich or outcrop discoveries of Hg-silver of Imnekan – Allara-Sakhskiy ore nodes were done in the 17 – 32 km buffer zone from the border of the cinnabar halo. Buffer zone is the most favor-able for the Hg-silver ore localization.

Key words: GIS, special analysis, cinnabar, Hg-silver, Imnekan – Allara-Sakhskiy, Barainskiy.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 89-94.