Natural Bitumens of East Part of the Siberian Platform – Potential Object of Production of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials

Safronov A.F.

 There is a characteristic of bituminous fields and fields of natural bitumens of east part of the Siberian platform. In all bituminous fields and fields of the East of the Siberian platform bitumens are viscous mo-tionless species like malt and more deeply transformed naphthides. Spreading of bitumens on the area and on a section of bituminous fields is difficult and is controlled by permeability and porosity of containing breeds. Devalopment of bituminous fields of the Siberian platform is, at least, of medium-term business prospects. But today it is already necessary to start development of technology on production of viscous oil and bitu-mens in permafrost. Production of heavy oil is almost the only chance in the organization, in the conditions of the existing Russian legislation in the field of subsurface use, production of hydrocarbons with participation of the republic to some extent.

Key words: deposit of bitumen, bitumen saturated rocks, group composition of bitumen, strategic reserve.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 86-89.