Possible Fragmentation of Hoofed Animal Area Resulting from the Railway Construction in Central Yakutia

Stepanova V.V., Okhlopkov I.M., Krivoshapkin A.A.

According to the aerial census and winter field studies conducted near the railway construction it has been established that migration paths of wild hoofed animals, such as wild reindeer, moose, red deer, changed be-cause of this construction. The railway prevents free movement for wild hoofed animals from the Buotama river to the Amga river and backward. During the progress of research it has been found out that the rein-deer were concentrating in the lower and middle reach of the Amga left tributaries within the area from Verkhnyaya Amga village till the Borulakh river. In February a cluster of moose has also been recorded in a small site of the upper reaches of the Borulakh river and in the Borulakh-Lyutenga interstream area in close proximity to the railway.

Key words: wild hoofed, migrations, railway, obstacles.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 134-138.