Rare Species of Fungi Recommended for the 3-rd Edition of the Red Data Book of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Mikhaljova L.G.

11 species of fungi are recommended to a new edition of the Red Date Book of the Republic of Sakha (Ya-kutia). Recently  some supplementary data on populations of rare species of fungi have been collected and areas of some species are specified. It is added Polyporus rhizophilus (Pat.) Sacc.: Status 3. It is brought in the Addition to the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. For 2 species (Climacodon pulcherrimus (Berk. and Curt.) Nikol. and Trametes ljubarskyi Pilat) the status is changed from  category 3 to 4.

Key words: Red Data Book, fungi, category of rarity.


Science and Education, 2013, No.3, pp. 128-130.