Interpretation of Social and Ethnopedagogical Information in Terms of Hermeneutic

Petrova T.N.

 The article reveals the peculiarities of correct interpretation and objective representation of social and ethnopedagogical information in terms of philosophical method of cognition, which is hermeneutics. It con-siders the interpretation as a factor of individual social cognition and development of students’ cognitive ac-tivity; the factor of emotional and psychological experiencing of historical and pedagogical matter, its sense and cultural and figurative content; the factor of moral choice of social behavior and prediction of one’s fu-ture; the way of own interpretation of social and ethnopedagogical phenomena, the search of alternatives for solving problems, feeling the situation, understanding the meaning of life and etc.

Keywords: interpretation, hermeneutic approach to cognition, ethnopedagogical information, principles of information interpreting: understanding of a text, dialogue, empathic feeling, individual reading of a text and pre-understanding of information, axiology, contextuality.


Science and Education, 2013, No.1, pp. 107-112.