Problem questions of the boundaries and correlation of the Pragian stage (Lower Devonian) of the marginal seas of Angarida

Baranov V.V., Blodgett R.B.

In the Pragian stage of Early Devonian in marginal seas of Angarida the general orientation of evolution

of sedimentogenesis caused by eustatic fluctuations of a level of World Ocean is revealed. It is established

that the Pragian stage was characterized by maximum of transgression in the Early Devonian that promoted

leveling of the associations of tabulats, rugose corals, brachiopods and conodonts. Position of the lower and

upper boundaries is specified and correlation of the Pragian stage of the Verkhoyano-Chukotskay,


Таimyrskay, West-Siberian, Altai-Sayanskay and Mongol-Okhotskay marginal seas are carried out.


Наука и образование, 2012, №4,с.9 УДК 551.734. 571.5