The Laptev subcomplex (T3r2-J3v) of the verkhoyansk terrigenous complex

Grinenko V.S., Knyazev V.G.

A fundamentally new stratigraphic sketch map of the Upper Triassic-Jurassic rocks from the eastern Siberian

platform and the folded framing in the composition of the Verkhkoyansk terrigenous complex (Upper

Paleozoic–Mesozoic) made it possible to distinguish the Laptev subcomplex (Rhaetian (T3r2) – Volgian (J3v)

stages) represented by sedimentary prisms prograding from west to east. Used as regional stratons of the

Laptev subcomplex are «Siberian» horizons of which the radius of action in the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma folded

area is limited by western limbs of the Polousnyy and Inyali-Debin synclinoria. The East Siberian sedimentary

basin (ESSB) is recognized and its position in the general sea system of the Arctic superbasin is determined.

The early (Late Rhaetian–Early Pliensbachian), intermediate (Late Pliensbachian–Early Bathonian)

and late (mature) (Late Bathonian–Volgian) stages in the formation of the Laptev subcomplex are established,


which reflect the Early Kimmerian, Danlap, and Late Kimmerian phases of tectonic activation.


Наука и образование, 2012, №4,с.13 УДК 551.762 (571.56)