Integral features of oil and gas reservoir rocks formation in Viluy Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic oil-gas-bearing basin

Alexeev N.N.

During comparison of depths of occurrences of stadial transformation zones and Kn terrigenous rocks of

Permian and Mesozoic Viluy syneclise with zones of katagenesis of dispersed organic matter and vitrinite

coal reflectance it is determined that abrupt changes of these parameters are confined to certain hypsometric

levels. This allowed to recognize a new parameter – a zone of critical depths of terrigenous rock transformation

(3–4 km) in katagenesis. Within the limits of inherited, intermediate and inversion types of Viluy oilgas-

bearing area blocks, vertical zonation of hydrocarbon traps formation is determined, and abilities to

forecast oil and gas reservoirs of appropriate type are substantiated by intensity of transformation of mineral


and organic matters and gradient of change of rock physical properties.


Наука и образование, 2012, №4,с.19 УДК 552.578:551.73/.76(571.56)