Distinctive features of the Tabalahskiy group peat deposits and estimation of possibility of its use as a boiler fuel in Verkhoyanskiy district of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Melnikov A.E., Kolodeznikov I.I., Pavlov S.S., Protopopov A.V.

A selective investigation of some territorial sites of the Verkhoyansk district showed that there are peat deposits

with a production capacity of a peat layer. Technological parameters of the mineral properties were

tested in the laboratory and it was proved that the peat of fields of Tabalakhsky group (lakes Hotogor and

Ylakh) and its combustion products are quite suitable for use as primary power supply for industrial and


economic domestic needs of the region.


Наука и образование, 2012, №4,с.24 УДК 504.54.062.4:662.31.33:553.97