Requirements for Manuscripts

Submitted to Science and Education journal


Articles submitted to editorial office of Science and Education journalshould meet the following requirements:


1 .The article should be accompanied byofficialletter of the organization in which the work is carried out, with confirmation that this material was not published in other editions. A document with expert conclusion of the organization about the possibility of publication in open press should be attached to the letter.


2 .The article should be presented in printed (1 copy) andelectronic versionsin Microsoft Word format (doc or rtf, Times New Roman, 14-point font size, 1.5spaced, A4 paper format with margins not less than 2 cm from all borders).

3 .The materials of the article should be presented in the following order with next parts:

•          Introduction

•          Materials and Methods

•          Results and Discussion

•          Conclusion

•          Listofreferences


4 .The article should be accompanied by UDK index, abstract (100–250 words) with keywords (3–10 words). The abstractmustrevealthe content of the article and repeat shortly allparts of the article, accurately and informatively represent the results of work.


5 .  The title of the article, abstract, keywords and full names of authors should be presented in Russian and English languages.


6 .Length restrictions. The article should not exceed 10-12 pages (the text without divisions of the words), including abstract, tables, figures and the list of references.


7 .Figuresshould be presentedas separate graphic black-and-white jpg or tiffiles and printed. The list of figurescapturesshould be presented on an individual page with mentioning dimensions of given in the figuresvalues.



8. Photos should bepresented in scanned or digital images with the density not less than 300 dpi.Originalsshouldbeattachedalso.


9 . Tables should be presented in a book format,size no more than one page together with heading and notes.Afontsize – notlessthan 9 point.


10 . The list of references including foreign ones should be written according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008 requirementsand appear in a separate section directly following the body of the manuscriptin the order that they appear in the text. Anumber of reference is given in the text  in square brackets.


11 .Abbreviationsand conventional signs accepted in the articleshould be definedin the text.


12 .The article should be signed by all authors with presenting on a separate page the next data on each author: surname, first name, middle name, work place, post, highest academic degree, academic rank; contact information: postal and e-mail address, phone.


13 .Editors reserves the right to make editorial changes which are not distorting the content of the article.


14 .Manuscripts prepared not according to the rules are not considered.



15 . All articles submitted to the editors are considered by readers. Articles which have received a negative resolution are not published and are not given back.


For publication graduate students articles payment is not collected.