Evolution of the Concept «the Arctic»




Kharlampieva N.K.


Evolution of the concept «the Arctic» is considered using a world political approach in conditions of globalization. The world political approach is applied for study of the contemporary international phenomena and processes.  The analysis of the empirical material allowed to show the following tendencies of the perception of the concept «the Arctic»: a) at a global level the Arctic geosystem is represented by the Arctic region with its regional policy; b) at a regional level the Arctic geostructure is differentiated by five and eight Arctic countries; c) at a national level questions of spatial planning have a tendency to introduce a determination of an Arctic region covering the aquatory of the Arctic Ocean, given the unified name to the region.   


Key words: Arctic geosystem, Arctic geostructure, Arctic policy, international region, transnational region, world politics, Arctic region.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.5-11.