About Traditional World Outlook of the Yakuts at the Turn of the Centuries (the End of XXth – the Beginning of the XXIst Centuries)

Bragina D.G.

 Study of the problem of stability of traditional form of the world view becomes actual in connection with the searching of the alternate world outlook orientations in conditions of a civilized society. Such attempt with use of field material was undertaken by the author in the article. During the post-soviet period in the people’s world view it is restored and gradually enters a religious component. The data given in the article show that traditional world outlook carrying out the function of the ethnic tradition in many respects defines behavioural stereotypes. Nowadays in ceremonies of life cycle and everyday life the Yakuts try to adhere to traditions, rituals for mercy  of  spirits living according to traditional world outlook in their surrounding medium. Aal Kuduk Mas – the World tree as a building block of the system of traditional culture quite steadily enters a universe of the Yakuts, and in the basis of revival processes there is the heroic epos – olonkho. Images of the mythological deities impart ethnic color to the national culture. In the article also an attempt is undertaken to consider one of the central concepts of traditional world outlook which is the phenomenon of shamanizm, and also to find out the value of moral guidelines of traditional culture for the modern Yakuts.

Key words: traditional world outlook, supernatural phenomena, mythology, World tree, olonkho, deities, ichchi-spirits, ritual, shamans.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.30-35