Extents of Russian Language Possession by Sakha Bilinguals

Argunova T.V.

Interaction of native Yakut and Russian languages in the form of the phenomenon of  interference is presented on a wide material of the author’s personal observations during several expeditions (in Ust-Aldansky, Megino-Kangalassky, Gorniy, Vilyuysky uluses), records of the spontaneous Russian speech and written works of graduates of national schools, the Vilyuysky Pedagogical  College, entrants of the NEFU university. On the basis of the analysis of the most typical mistakes in written speech of  Sakha-bilinguals in the form of main models of the interference phenomena caused by distinctions in structures of native Yakut and Russian languages at all levels of the language the extents of possession of the Russian language are described.

Key words: bilingualism, interference, language and speech, language competence.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.39-41