Basic Question of Social Philosophy in the Mirror of Modern Russia Reforms

Osipov N.E.

The article discusses one of the important problems of social philosophy – the problem of the alignment of social being and social consciousness. It is one of not only academic problems of philosophy, but is the subject of a mandatory curriculum on philosophy at universities. The problem of identity of being and thinking is central to the German classical philosophy. Then it was developed in Marxist philosophy within the solution of  the fundamental question of philosophy.Now there is a largely unjustified departure from the categorical arsenal of classical philosophy, including the dialectical materialism understanding of the fundamental question of philosophy. The author believes that it is necessary, using the conceptual framework of classical philosophy to give a modern interpretation of the basic question of philosophy, referring to the events in our country late XX – early ХХ1 centuries. It is no coincidence, since these events are truly momentous in its history. The article concludes that the present confirms the importance and relevance of the basic question of social philosophy – the question of the primacy of social being and that social consciousness is secondary. The article criticized some newfangled trends in Russian literature, claiming the last word in philosophy. Most of them are different versions of Husserl’s phenomenology. It is shown that their terminology often does not carry deep philosophical sense, but is merely verbal gymnastics. The author uses the traditional categories of philosophical classics for understanding the fundamental changes in the social existence of modern Russia. And the basic question of social philosophy serves as a methodological key of the investigation.

Key words: social reality, social being, social consciousness, spiritual crisis, philosophical classics, Marxism, phenomenology, postmodernism.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.44-48