Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Gold of the Bolshaya Kuonamka River Placer

Gerasimov B.B., Nikiforova Z.S., Pavlov V.I.

As a result of the study of mineralogical features of placer gold of the Bolshaya Kuonamka river placer it is defined that, Precambrian ore manifestations of gold-quarts-lowsulfide type could be its basic primary sources. Identification of porpezite in association with platinum group metals, as well as inclusions of iron platinum in the gold indicate that gold-plationoid ore formation occurs in this region. Discovery of autochthonous gold of ore habit suggests that, primary source is located close enough. This can be connected with a tectonic magmatic intensification of the Paleozoic-Mesozoic stage.

Key words: Anabar shield, placer gold, mineralogical-geochemical features, fineness, admixtures elements, inner structure, formation types, primary sources.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.74-78