Boundary Silurian/Devonian Red Beds of Northern Hemisphere of the Earth and Their Value for Paleogeographical Reconstruction

Baranov V.V.

It is established, that at the end of Late Silurian in the North of the Eurasian and American continents the downturn of a level of World ocean has resulted in drainage of the large territories  from which occurred a demolition of terrigenous material in shallow isolated and semi-isolated lagoons surrounding the East Europe, Siberian and North American (Canadian) platforms. With aridization of the climate it is connected deposition of sulfates and salt, and redox processes promoted formation of variegated mainly redbeds stratum which traced on all northern hemisphere of the Earth.


Key word: Middle Paleozoic, Late Silurian, redbeds, paleogeography, northern hemisphere.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.79-82