Role of Surface Covers in Ground Temperature Formation in the North-East of the Amur Region

Zabolotnik S.I.  

Long-term observations of the temperatures of the air, snow and moss covers and grounds in the Upper Zeya plain (300 m a.s.l.) and in the Turan Ridge (600 m a.s.l.) have been analyzed. It has been found that the mean annual temperature beneath a 0,3–0,6 m snow cover is 7,5–10,5°C higher than air temperature and becomes positive (0,9–3,2°C). Under a moss cover 0,07–0,30 m in thickness, on the contrary, the mean annual temperature is lowered by 0,5–1,8°C, being 0,2–2,0ºC at its base. A further decrease in ground temperatures to 0ºC or lower occurs due to the cooling effect of moss and moist soil horizons.

Key words: mean annual temperatures, air, surface covers, grounds.

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.82-87