Effect of Low Concentrations of Lead and Cadmium Ions on Matricaria chamomilla L. Seedlings

Filippov E.V., Shein A.A., Prokopiev I.A., Filippova G.V.

The effect of lead and cadmium ions of concentrations 3, 15, 30, 60, 120 µM on seed germination and seedling development of Matricaria сhamomilla is investigated. It is shown more toxic effect of Cd2+ ions on seedlings, expressed in inhibition of root growth compared to the effect of Pb2+ and the combined action of Pb2++Cd2+ ions. In general, the tendency to increase the activity of components of antioxidant protection of low molecular weight and enzyme nature, the intensity of lipid peroxide oxidation and photosynthetic pigments content under the action of heavy metal ions (Pb2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ + Cd2+) in a concentration range of 3 ÷ 120 µM.

Key words: Matricaria сhamomilla L., lead and cadmium ions, chemical stress. 

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.95-99