Forming of Specific Motivation And Training of Methods of School Students’ Functional Visual Acuity Correction

Rabichev I.E., Kotov A.V., Polyakov A.R. 

Original theoretical ideas on the system organization of binocular vision have been developed. It is discovered that epiphenomenon of visual perception, «a virtual image» (VI), reveales itself during fulfillment of visual functions by a human being. Usage of VI as a standard of binocular vision provided the basis for arrangement system of school students’ impaired visual acuity correction. School pupils with asthenopia, paroxysm accommodation and early-detected myopia were trained and specific motivation for doing exercises for vision acuity improvement was formed. These exercises resulted in visual acuity improvement of all the students trained. These students were recommended to observe eye hygiene procedures and to exercise at home. The article summarizes and proves the original methods and approaches to the visual acuity improvement in out-of-hospital conditions.

Key words:  visual acuity, virtual image, fusion. 

Science and Education, 2014, No.3, pp.100-103