Improvement of Methods of Research and Solution of Problems of Mining of Solid Mineral Deposits in the Arctic and Adjacent Regions

Yakovlev V.L.


The importance of a research of problems of mining of solid mineral deposits in the Arctic and adjacent regions is substantiated. The issues demanding solutions and considering features and difficulties of natural, climatic, mining-and-geological, mining-and-technical and social-and-economic conditions are discussed and new approaches to the development of the North depths are proposed. The principles of creation and projection of technologies of deposits development including questions of choice of excavation, loading, boring and transport technique corresponding to mining-and-geological conditions of a development, organization of a specialized repair base, complex use of overburden rocks and cleaning rejects, staging of conducting of mining operations, etc. are formulated. As a basis of the strategy of creation and exploitation of a mineral resources base in the Arctic and adjacent regions the complexity of deposits development is accepted with a simultaneous organization of open infrastructure of operating enterprises. A new methodological view on a research and projection of technologies of the northern territories development is proposed which is based on principles of system, complex, interdisciplinary approaches and innovative orientation.


Key words: Arctic region, minerals, mining technology.

Science and Education, 2015, No.1, pp.5-8