Upper Paleozoic Carbon-Bearing Stratons of the Kuranakh Anticlinorium (West Verkhoyanie)

Grinenko V.S., Prokopiev A.V.


In the Kuranakh anticlinorium (West Verkhoyansk),   potentially carbonaceous (black shale) deposits are recognized at the basal levels of the Verkhoyansk terrigenous complex. Correlative levels of elevated concentrations of organic C and noble metals are outlined, which are confined to the Lower-Middle Carboniferous transgressive cyclites. The carbonaceous deposits are characterized by high concentrations of syngenetic pyrite and superposed sulfidization of disseminated or vein-disseminated types with elevated gold content. The results of the studies suggest that the carbonaceous (black shale) facies are potentially prospective for the formation of high-tonnage deposits with gold-(arsenic)-sulfide type of disseminated and vein-disseminated mineralization.


Key words:Carboniferous, Verkhoyansk terrigenous complex, Sedzhakh and Chochim-Bal formations, black shale, metal content.

Science and Education, 2015, No.1, pp.9-16