The Role of Glaciers in the Lena-Amga Plain Relief Transformation in the Pleistocene and HoloceneSpektor V.V., Spektor V.B., Bakulina N.T., Parfenov M.I.

Spektor V.V., Spektor V.B., Bakulina N.T., Parfenov M.I.

The present paper examines past relief-forming conditions on the high Leno-Amga Rivers Plain underlain by Quaternary sediments. Thick (up to 100 m) sedimentary complexes of the plain were accumulated synchronously to glacials while breaks in the sedimentation took place during interglacials. Deposition of the thick Quaternary strata had likely occurred as a result of downwarp due to increase of glacial load. The uplift of the plain as well as the breaks in the sedimentation are probably caused by glacioisostatic movements during unloading of glacier which occupied the piedmont of the Verkhoyansk mountains.

Key words: relief, sedimentary complexes, Quaternary sediments, glacials, interglacials, Leno-Amga Plain.

Science and Education, 2015, No.1, pp.42-49