Publishing Ethics

1. The editorial board of the "Arctic and Subarctic Natural Resources" journal observes the principles of publishing ethics according to the international rules of protection of Copyright, recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), standards of the legislation of the Russian Federation on Copyright.

2. Sending an article to the editorial office of the journal, the author gives to the publisher of the journal (Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) a gratuitous right for a publication of the article and its placement on the web-site of the "Nauka i Obrazovanie" journal http://no and the official site of Scientific Electronic Library At the same time the author keeps intellectual rights for his work. In this regard the author has to provide a license agreement to the publisher.

3. Signing the license agreement the author guarantees that the article is his original work, that there are references to quoted authors in the article and sources of publication of borrowed materials.

4. The author should also attach an expert reference of the organization where the work was carried out about the possibility of publication and absence of any information of limited access.

5. The editorial board of the journal provides objective reviewing, observance of the principle of confidentiality during a work with any materials presented to the journal and exception of copyright infringement and plagiarism, coercion to citing materials of the journal.

6. The basic principle of work with an author is a respect for the author and his work, understanding of his requirements and wishes, and justice at making decision on the work publication.