Reviewing Order

Organization of quality institute of profile reviewing of materials, providing membership of well-known domestic and foreign researchers in the editorial board, observance of the principles of double blind reviewing.



of Reviewing of Manuscripts Submitted

to the Editorial Office of "Arctic and Subarctic Natural Resources" Journal


1. A manuscript of a scientific article submitted to the editorial office of “Arctic and Subarctic Natural Resources” journal is considered by the Assistant Editor who defines the compliance to the profile of the journal, implementation of the requirements to manuscripts, register an article and direct it for reading. The principle of "double blind" reading is applied.

2. The editorial board of the journal approves the register of experts on the directions of sciences consisting of experts of corresponding scientific profile (candidates, doctors of sciences). Readers data is a confidential information.

3. Experts are notified on need of observance of the rights of a private property of authors for data provided in an article.

4. If in an opinion it is recommended to make changes and additions in the article, the article is sent to the author for completion. After the completion the article repeatedly goes to the same reader who does a new conclusion about publication. The date of receipt of the article by the editorial board is the  date of return of the modified article.

5. In case of a negative opinion an article can be transferred to another reader. If a second opinion is positive a decision of possibility of publication is made by the bureau of the editorial board. In case of two negative opinions the article is not published and a motivated refusal is sent to the author.

6. The editorial office forwards to authors of submitted materials copies of opinions or a motivated refusal, and also sends the opinions copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at a receipt of a corresponding request.

7. The editorial office reserves the right of a rejection of articles in case of authors’ inability or unwillingness to consider the editorial board wishes.

8. In case of disagreement with a reviewer’s opinion the author of the article has a right to provide a reasoned answer to the editorial office of the journal. The article can be directed for repeated reading or to the  editorial board for getting agreement.

9. A decision on expediency of a publication after reading is made by the editor-in-chief, and if necessary by the editorial board.

10. The assistant editor informs the author about the decision on the article.

11. The maximum term of reading and the editorial board making a  decision is 2 weeks.