A New Finding of Beltanelliformis in Vendian of the Kharaulakh Mountains in Eastern Siberia

Kolosov P.N.

In silty limestones of the Kharayutekh Formation  of the Vendian (Ediacaran) of the Kharaulakh mountains (lower reaches of the Lena river), the imprint of the Beltanelliformis brunsae Menner in Keller et al., 1974 – one of primitive Coelenterata, widely known on different regions of the East European platform, was discovered for the first time. Findings of the Precambrian remains  and traces of vital activity of organisms are of great interest, due to the fact that, life just originated in those very remote geologic periods, it was not characterized by great biologic diversity, observed at the Earth since the Cambrian period. The finding, described in the article, complements paleontological characterization of the Vendian (Ediacaran), represented by mostly carbonate type of the section in the Siberian platform and its framing.

Key words: Kharaulakh, Vendian (Ediacaran), Kharayutekh Formation, limestones, soft-bodied animals, Beltanelliformis,  imprint, medusoid state.

Science and Education, 2016, No.3, pp.13-16