Evaluation of a Thawing Halo Around Pipeline in Permafrost

Nikolaeva M.V., Struchkova G.P., Kapitonova T.A., Atlasov R.A., Berdyev S.S., Ivanov A.G.

This paper describes a method of estimating a thawing halo around pipeline at its thermal interaction with permafrost. Formation of a temperature field of soil mass is determined by seasonal changes of the ambient temperature and the effects of heat of a transported product. We used the finite element method to analyze the dynamics of the temperature field change of the soil mass within 5 years of the pipeline work for two types of soils – clay loam and sand. It is found that over the time the depth of thawing increases monotonically and that in sandy soil the thawing process goes faster. Operation of the pipeline with positive temperature enhances the process of ground subsidence under the pipeline system.

Key words: pipeline, halo thawing, permafrost, temperature field, permafrost processes.

Science and Education, 2016, No.3, pp.47-50