Investigation of Properties of Natural Gas Hydrates Formed from Solutions of Sodium Chloride

Kalacheva L.P., Fedorova A.F.

On the basis of experimental studies it was found that the mineralization of sodium chloride solutions affects natural gas hydrates formation and decomposition processes. Depending on the solution concentrations the properties of the forming hydrates: sizes, shapes, designs, the gas volume enclosed in a clathrate phase are changed. The process of hydrate dissociation is considered as a heterogeneous reaction on the surface and it can be described by kinetics of topochemical reactions. With increasing of the solution mineralization the speed of the hydrate samples decomposition with the exception of the dissociation reaction of the sample obtained from a 5% solution is magnified.

Key words: natural gas hydrates, mineralization of solutions, processes of formation and dissociation of hydrates.

Science and Education, 2016, No.3, pp.50-54