Finding of Reproductive Organs of Algae of the Vendian Age in Yakutia

Kolosov P.N., Sofroneeva L.S.

Reproductive organs of algae are found in polished sections of partially fossil organogenic limestones of Byukskaya suite of the Vendian period of the Berezovsky Trough for the first time, using scanning electron microscope. They are clearly notable for exceptionally regular ellipsoidal shape. Comparison with reproductive organs of recent algae indicated that, their shape is similar to ellipsoidal gametangia of diplopora (green) of Codium Stackhouse genus, Codiaceae (Trevisan) Zanardini family and Ectocarpum algae (brown). On this basis, it is concluded that Codiaceae and Ectocarpum algae occur in Byukskaya suite of the Vendian period. Ultrastructure of calcareous rocks is identified. Organic structures have globular structures (constitutions) and structures containing reproductive organs of algae have crystallomorphic structures (constitutions).

Key words: Berezovsky Trough, Vendian, Byukskaya suite, limestones, algae, reproductive organs, ultrastructure.

Science and Education, 2017, No.3, pp.17-20