Experimental Studies of Specific Energy of Destruction of Carbonate Rocks under the Influence of Freeze–Thaw Cycles

Zakharov E.V.

The effect of cyclic freezing-thawing on the specific energy intensity of the destruction of carbonate rock from the diamond deposits of Yakutia is shown. A method for determining the specific energy intensity of destruction of rocks, allowing to estimate the relative change in the specific energy intensity of rock failure under alternating temperature influences is developed. Using the developed method it is established that under the influence of the first 3–5 cycles of freezing-thawing in an aqueous medium, the specific energy of fracture of the rocks from various Yakutia deposits decreases 2–3 times. It is also established that under the influence of first three cycles of freezing and thawing in water, more than 70 % of the original mass of kimberlite from the pipes «Internationalnaya» and «Mir», and more than 30 % of the original weight of limestone from the pipes «Udachnaya» and «Aikhal» disintegrate without mechanical action only after the cycles.

Key words: freeze-thaw cycles, specific energy intensity of destruction, carbonate rocks, kimberlite, disintegration.

Science and Education, 2017, No.3, pp.82-85