Intersection Hybrid in Hydrophilic Genus Typha L. of Lake Zaulomskoye of Vologda Oblast (Severo-Dvinsky Water System)

Krasnova A.N.

For the transformed reservoirs of Russia (Northwest of European Russia) an intersection hybrid Typha × kuzmichovii A Krasnova which is different ecologically and morphologically from T. × glauca Godr. is presented. The appearance of a hybrid of such rank was promoted by enhanced, throughout one and a half centuries, operation of lakes-water basins of the North Dvinsky water system (the Vologda oblast). In stabilized ecosystems of these reservoirs in assemblages with cat’s-tail the appearance of the hybrid has predetermined the convergence processes in genus Typha L. Repeated crosses and anomalies form new "integrated" forms, capable to improve former phylums [1]. The protolog T. × kuzmichovii is presented. The nomenclature of hybrid Typha angustifolia  × T. latifolia = T. × glauca Godr. is given closer definition.

Key words: hybrid Typha angustifolia × T. latifolia Kronf. = T. × glauca Kronf. ex Graebn., T. glauca Godr., T. × kuzmichovii A. Krasnova, genus Typha L.

Science and Education, 2017, No.3, pp.114-119